Thursday, March 29, 2007

Illinois to Allow Illegals To Drive

I spent yesterday riding my bike around in the rain looking for a FAx Service because I didn't circle the day of the week on a fucking form to allow me extra driving time to go to counseling and AA meetings, holding up the process of allowing me to drive for at least another week, and they are going to ALLOW illegal aliens to drive?
In another example of the anal retentive state department, last week they sent everything back because my Doctor didn't date the medical release signature. which was away from where he signed, and the document was dated on the front already. That was another week lost to bureacratic B.S. I am quite sure they get assessed by the amount of "corrections" they find. It's like they all think they're Freshman English or Coms professors.
A Doctor oversight on a form that is irrelevant or a missed detail on an insignificant form are reasons to screech a regular TAX-PAYING citizen's driving privileges to a halt, but a little thing about sneaking in illegally, using illegal documents to work, drive, etc. are not? I am not against immigration, but it should be legal. Just letting them drive without making them be citizens?
Boggles my mind.

24 - Just Not Doing It For Me This Season

I've been follwoing 24 since the beginning, and throughout. I have brought others on with me to go through the constant adrenaline pumping plot lines, but I'm just not quite into it this year.
It's happened before, nearly every season I tire of the constantly switching back-stabbing, power-usurping, and purposely frustrating scenarios, but hang through. Which is probably what this is. All I know is that if we didn't have a DVR, and if Lisa wasn't waaay into it. I would have missed a few episodes this year.
Don't get me wrong, Jack Bauer, and the way he is written and portrayed, are great, better than most film leading men, but I don't want to spend three hours waiting for the administration to do what they should have done in the first place, listen to Jack. Every year, these are the plot lines that take up so much time, nearly as annoying as the acknowledged bi-episode, hostage crisis. For varied reasons, corruption, evil, whatever, the right thing to do is danced around by characters who know better.
I get annoyed with this, and take a break from the show, usually coming back for the last four hours or so. This year, ahvent done that but maybe I am wishing I had.

Brown's Chicken Trial Starts, and Someone is Already Complaining

I went for a semi-long bike ride this morning, and stopped downtown for some late breakfast and to relax, read the paper, and exist somewhere outside of the house. It's a sanity tool I need to use as often as possible, even when I am working, especially now when I am pulling my hair out waiting on the mail.

I got the paper at Hickey's, meaning to get the Trib, but getting sucked in, as sometimes happens, by the Sun-Times gaudy headline: Verdict Guilty and image on the front page of the Sun-Times. This, as I said, happens occasionally, and I usually regret it. The Sun-Times is shameless at it's attempts to increase circulation and have resorted to headlines in the past, both false and inflammatory, that keep me a Trib reader. Once again, the story was all bark, it was actually reader comments about how bad the Trib has managed the Cubs as owners, not a whole lot of substance, none that you couldn't find on any message board, still, I had the paper and read the rest. Rip=off or not, it's nice to get what I have always considered the trashy perspective on sports and Chicago news once in a while. Some of their columnists are even better.
What I found were a couple of articles that really had me thinking. So much that I tore them out of the paper and took them on the rest of the ride with me. I didn't need the rest of it and I'm sure some later coffee drinking lunch eater would enjoy my discard and be sure that what was ripped out was the secret to the universe itself. Isn't that how it always seems?
So, the article this post is supposed to be about covers the finally starting Brown's chicken trial, but from an instantly annoying perspective, the whining viewpoint. The Sun Times reporter, Eric Herman, covering a story about a mass killing, finally coming to trial 14 years later, which is etched into everyone's minds if you have been in this area, interviews families of the victims, who seem more concerned about the trial scheduling than justice.
The trial, for whatever reason, is running from 12-8 PM, and the daughter is more worried about not getting to see her 2 year old before she gets back from the courtroom than what's going on in the trial. I feel for this woman, her parents were both killed, and this is the reaction put forth in the news from her. OMG
Did the reporter skip over other comments because they were all regular territory and hang this woman out to dry as a whiner, because this is what I get from it. These guys need to face justice, at whatever schedule, and except possibly as one of those 'weight of the crime' witnesses. she has no bearing on this trial. Let them do their job.
The editors at the Sun-Times might also have realized this, because it was on page 16 instead of being another one of their Gaudy headlines.