Sunday, March 12, 2006


Zombies, we have Zombies Going to College!!

Am I the only one in this country who got chills in his spine last weekend and throughout this week with the story about the college cheerleader who broke her neck and still showed her team spirit?

Okay, if you missed it, a cheerleader for SIU(Southern Illinois University) fell off the top of their little pyramid and landed on her head. I saw it live and first went "ouch!", I mean, she took a serious header. That shit had to hurt, I feel for the girl, truly, but the aftermath is what ends up being creepy.

So, they cart her off on a gurney, mobilized except for her arms, and just ash she is heading out the exit she raises her arms and goes along with a cheer.

Right there, I got chills. I thought at first, "Well, she must be alright," like the thumbs up from a football player or something. Then, the whole inappropriateness of it struck me, she wasn’t giving the thumbs up, she was cheering, as if her little cheerleader mind was programmed to do nothing else, like a broken toy.

I’m not meaning to condescend to the girl, I admire her toughness and terminal cheeriness. What disturbed me even more was the coverage in the national press. Articles appeared throughout the week, I saw them both online and in print, lauding the girl for her "school spirit", complete with quotes from the girl about how she just hoped that her team kept fighting. What?? This girl bruised her spine, lost control of parts of her body for some period of time and she’s worried about the goddamn basketball team?? What the Fuck!!

Hey, I’m a hardcore sports fan. I’ve tread the line between realizing it is a game and taking it waaaay too seriously, but I fall on my head and risk being paralyzed and the last thing on my mind is how the fucking team is doing.

I wonder what they do at those cheerleading camps.