Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Better Luck Next Time Huskies

Better Luck Next Time Huskies

It’s official, there is no season opener Easter Bunny that would have delivered a historic win to Northern Illinois University’s football team over Ohio State, not even the one that got 285 yards against the potent Buckeyes.

All the Huskies can do is sift through the ashes and appreciate that they have walked away from a bout with what will be a killer team this year. Go Buckeyes, please, and pick on someone else. Shut up those Texas Longhorn fans for starters.

I admire the class of the program, if not the announcer we had on television for the game, the guy had to have come from the Ohio State press machine. Every statement he said was prefaced by "This extremely talented player from OSU," or "NIU needs to be perfect because…", the man made Harry Caray and Hawk Harrelson seem objective.

Another thing I think it is important to mention, coming from my mother, who went to the game, the Ohio State fans, to a person, were friendly and very complimentary before and after the game of NIU and our feature player, Garrett Wolfe. Of course, this seems much like the Major league baseball player visiting the farm team, telling the also-rans that they should buck up and keep trying…

Nonetheless, these are the Huskies, the Northern Huskies, whom I have watched be bad, very bad, ignorably awful, mediocre, and surprisingly good, against the "insert your adulation here, network praise-clone" Ohio State Buckeyes, and the Huskies didn’t get ignored, or completely manhandled.

Just Maybe, the best football player on the field was wearing a Huskie’s uniform(#1), unfortunately, the next 10 or 15 best players were all Ohio State. OKAY, maybe that Ginn guy is just as good, and those were only about the third and fourth times anyone has caught Garrett from behind there guys, good job.

This week, we’re just gonna spank your little brother school, Ohio(No State) University and send them back to Ohio while paying them and their fans the same respect you paid us, thanks!

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