Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mythbusters - Jamie and Adam, Gods of the Suppressed Science Geek

Go to the street and ask people those job they would most like to do.
Many of them would espouse sports heroes, political icons, super-models, actors and actresses, but if you catch those others to the side, probably steering away from the crowd around the reporter, it would be the hosts of "Mythbusters" .

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyndeman, heading the crew of Mythbusters, have the job many of us only dream about. Not since the rash of Robot-war shows have I envied a bunch of geeks more. Special effects gurus, they use their expertise and the Discovery Channel's apparently growing budget, to blow things up, all in the context of dispelling urban and popular myths. It's frickin' poetic.

The show is equipped with an excellent supporting site, listing out the cast as well as well as summarizing all the covered myths. It is full of video and captures the humor and enthusiasm that saturates the hour-long episodes.

Five years and more than 82 episodes spell out the chord these closet scientists have struck, even sprouting a spin-off/copy-cat show this season called Smashlab. Smashlab , from the promos, seems to focus on one aspect of Mythbusters, one of it's strongest, but may lack the other essentials that have made it's forerunner so appealing, Jamie, Adam, and crew. I'm not exactly the first one on this bus, at least in writing, as any search will prove, for one, this site on blogspot, that gave me the nice picture of Mythbuster crew girl, Kari Byron, with Adam busted ogling her, and Jamie.

Adam is wacky, Jamie is serious, competent, and distant, the crew fills in around them and tackles their own projects. Usually, the blow-em-up stuff is left to Jamie and Adam while segments like "hot-sauce remedies" and are for the crew.

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