Saturday, November 04, 2006

’72 Dolphins Need to Get On With Their Lives

I’m relatively old, and even I can’t remember when the Dolphins went undefeated, it’s so bad that everyone besides the still living members of the team has forgotten them. Bob Griese, Coach Don Shula, Larry Csonka, Bob Keuchenburg? Okay, I only know the last guy’s name because he seems to be running his own ’72 Dolphin P.R. campaign.

They have what has stands as the greatest NFL season to their credit, and more power to them, but do they have to show up every season, around the tenth game, to heckle those teams that are still undefeated? Come on, at some point, the game has gone past them enough that this is not the same NFL, this is not the same type of season, these are not the same types of players. Who doesn’t miss those old school, smash mouth football player that went all out and rarely wore face guards.

Are these the same men who now sit on the sidelines and root against front runners?

Is it just a new industry for retirees? Defending your streaks in public? Along with the Dolphins, we have Hank Aaron following Barry Bonds around, and Joe DiMaggio being trotted out to games every time someone hits in more than 30 games in a row. Will T.O. show up in locker rooms trying to resolve acrimony when some future player threatens to be more of an ass? I’m sure Jack Nicklaus will be on hand to watch Tiger crush all of his records, but I also believe Jack will handle it with some class.

What’s next, Rosie the retired toll-booth operator running I-Pass booths on purpose to hold up her own streak of ten years without letting a toll through without paying?

I guess all I can do is hope that I see them for the rest of the season on the Bear’s sidelines, right back to Miami for the Superbowl. For the record, I don’t think they’ll do it either. This team is good, but it’s going to need to scrap a little, and going undefeated will mean they haven’t had to do it. They showed heart against Arizona and Minnesota, but who knows if they can do that in a playoff game. If they lose in the first round again this year, it will be devastating to this current Bear’s team.


Anonymous said...

I guess you won't like my post... ha ha... about the result of the game, entitled Dolphins Shock the World - Uphold 1972 Undefeated Squad. But thanks for at least keeping the discussion alive. 36 years and counting...

meta4man said...

What can I say, haven't even had the stomach to look to see that somebody commented this week.Thanks for reading and replying.

Its true, the Bears have some kind of juju when it comes to the Dolphins. Around here, we worry about Monday Nights, and Miami, and then find new excuses later. At leastwe didn't lose to Wannstedt.

The thing about the Dolphins,I didn't just notice it this year,of course it happens every year and these guys now will be following the Colts around.

Good Luck with that, you might end up rooting for the Bears later.