Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Kerry is a Snob

You study hard and make the most of it and become a smarter person, and if you don’t you end up in Iraq I’m not much for writing on Politics, or even following them. I vote my conscience and my gut instinct and hope the chips fall right. Today I saw an article on about John Kerry making some comments to college kids that in education;

"You study hard and make the most of it and become a smarter person, and if you don’t you end up in Iraq." Now, that’s off the video, and even a little worse than CNN paraphrased it. But maybe I have it wrong,

Some of his own party have already jumped ship on him, telling him to just shut up, and therein is a little hope for the democrats. I don’t know exactly what I will vote next week, but I will vote, and not for anyone sounding like John Kerry.

Lastly, in my mind, this was just a jerk exposing his real self, one that I saw last time behind all the campaigning. The republicans are going to try to blow this up even worse than it is and distract from their poor performance lately. That has not escaped my notice either.
It is very possible that I have a different take on this than most who will write about politics, I am the quintessential fence-sitter, and from what I have seen in the media, it is people like me that are going to show up and vote this time around, and the next presidential election, which Kerry should not even bother to run in.
It's time to start paying attention to the little guys, not make light of them with arrogant "botched jokes". That goes for everyone.

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john said...

I just found out about this, but my impression is that Kerry is just being an idiot again and that Bush is getting a little desperate. You're right, Kerry is a snob. He is not completely in touch with the average American. But remember, Kerry is a Viet Nam vet and Bush is not. Even though Kerry is not as good a politician, he is to me a better person, even if he is occassionally a monumental idiot. But this will blow over and I doubt it will have the slightest effect on the election. One thing is for sure: no one in their right mind is going to give Kerry serious consideration as a presidential contender in '08. This, I am glad about. Now compare Kerry to Sen Bill Frist. That Terry Schiavo thing destroyed any chance that he would be a serious presidential contender in '08 either. Way back in the day when the republicans were whining about term limits (you don't here that anymore) Frist promised that he would only remain in office for twelve years. He is following through on that promise by not running for senate this time. For that I give him credit, but that's it for me. I think that Frist and Kerry are both a couple of morons and don't think they have a prayer at becoming president. The republicans were all about making this election purely local for all the congressional elections and now, all of a sudden it's about Iraq? Give me a break. These guys are desperate. But if you are unhappy about Kerry's remarks, I don't blame you. You have every reason and right to lambast him for it. So do it with relish, I'm behind you all the way on that. What I want out of this election is for the democrats to at least win a majority in the house so that they can clip Bush's wings and make a start at getting the country back on its feet. I think that will happen and not a moment too soon. As far as impeachment, even though Bush thoroughly deserves to be impeached, I don't think it will be good for the country to do so. The backlash from Monica Lewinski is hurting us even now. Hopefully Bush will follow the advice from the Iraq Study Group that will come out after the elections. That is, talk to Syria, talk to Iran, and think real hard about how to pull the troops out of the way without starting world war III. If this country fucks this up enough, then we might be forced to have a draft. And then it will truly be another Viet Nam. Our armed forces are being torn asunder. We can't afford to do any more. Our economy is on the brink of disaster and so is our national security. Things are not looking good to me. And that is regardless of who is to blame. There are a lot of shitty democrats too. I can't stand Harry Reid. But I do like Nancy Pelosi quite a bit regardless of what Rush or any other right wing shill says bad about her. We desperately need publicly financed elections. All politicians will be suspect until then, whether they are republican or democrat.