Thursday, March 29, 2007

Illinois to Allow Illegals To Drive

I spent yesterday riding my bike around in the rain looking for a FAx Service because I didn't circle the day of the week on a fucking form to allow me extra driving time to go to counseling and AA meetings, holding up the process of allowing me to drive for at least another week, and they are going to ALLOW illegal aliens to drive?
In another example of the anal retentive state department, last week they sent everything back because my Doctor didn't date the medical release signature. which was away from where he signed, and the document was dated on the front already. That was another week lost to bureacratic B.S. I am quite sure they get assessed by the amount of "corrections" they find. It's like they all think they're Freshman English or Coms professors.
A Doctor oversight on a form that is irrelevant or a missed detail on an insignificant form are reasons to screech a regular TAX-PAYING citizen's driving privileges to a halt, but a little thing about sneaking in illegally, using illegal documents to work, drive, etc. are not? I am not against immigration, but it should be legal. Just letting them drive without making them be citizens?
Boggles my mind.

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