Sunday, January 03, 2016

Avengers 2 - Ultron's Movie treatment

Cleaning up some old drafts where I want to think I made some good points, this was from early last summer. ---
I've now seen Avengers 2 twice, once on the regular screen, then again on Imax 3D.
It holds up.

One thing I noticed in the first showing, in the first scene, the CGI seemed almost purposely ridiculously bad until they got to the compound, did not show up in my second viewing.

What is very clear is that the producer and writer of this are all on the same page. The dialogue is real, the graphics perfect, and the mild work done with the subject matter is done well, with respect to those that are invested in these characters.

Someone gets it.

A voice I never heard from Ultron as I read comics with him in them, James Spader, brought something genuine to the tired, is it pre- or post- Terminator 2 type storyline. Acknowledging that the Ultron saga began far before Terminator, otherwise I think it's a lot of trade offs.

Now, my take on Avengers 2 after initial impressions have faded and or taken hold.

It hasn't held up as well as Avengers 1 or Captain America 2, but I still appreciate it despite using Ultron as the subject matter, and that is because of James Spader, who DID nail it, and yeah the Director gets it all, but Ultron is the most tired of the Marvel themes.

I am very excited about the upcoming Civil War, and many of the other Marvel Projects, hopefully, I will blog about them.

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