Sunday, January 03, 2016

The Emergence of Netflix and other streaming content

Haven't dropped off the planet, even though there haven't been posts here lately, and I haven't failed to notice that the landscape of entertainment has changed drastically, even in the time since my last post.

The relevance of the networks is dropping of the cliff, HBO is the old hand in the game now, and is getting challenged by a company that was busy mailing us videos around the time I started this blog and web entities like Amazon and Hulu that are making surprising pushes themselves.

I'm enjoying it. I was waiting for this fight back in 2008 or so, as network scripting stagnated and nobody was quite sure how to use the new mediums we had. I have an off/on relationship with Netflix over the years, but now watch a lot of it, and still find gems in the forms of series that I can binge watch and maybe later catch in Real time on whatever network they originally started on.

I also realize that Blogs themselves have kind of slipped out of relevance, but for my own use, I plan on making one more run at it with them. Ideas I've had for articles over the last couple years, I've just swallowed, but for the next few weeks or months or until it's again tiring, I will start putting them here again.

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