Saturday, December 02, 2006

Call Off The BCS, We Don't Need It This Year

Okay, we all know what everyone does at this time of year when their team is vying for a bowl game, the Ultimate college bowl game. Every year since they started the BCS, college football has not only proven that we need that game, but that even this added, privileged game wasn't enough.
"We need a playoff system!" We all cry.

Well, what now? Who needs another game to prove who is the best team in College football? Only one team has walked the walk and talked the talk all season, wire to wire, head of the pack, however you want to call it. I'm not even an OSU fan, but there is no ignoring the facts.

Ohio State is best and any system that doesn't anoint them is flawed. Football being a game capable of wielding victorious underdogs they could still lose in the title game, but I wouldn't bet on it. This should be the first title game that is off the boards in Vegas, and if by some miracle they do lose, the should have to be beaten twice, like in a double elimination tournament.

Looking at the scenario now, hate to say it but Florida should be going to that unnecessary 'title' game, to be thwacked on National TV, the Craig Ehlo's* of College football, spending a night getting posterized by the champions. It won't be a game it will be a crowning ceremony, and Florida will look like bigger idiots than they made Arkansas look in the SEC Championship.

Still, they deserve it, in accordance with what I perceive as the NCAA BCS crazy-ass rules that apply. Don't tell me Michigan does, please. Unless you're from Michigan, you have no excuse for even thinking so, zip it! Michigan had their shot, and it's not like they didn't know it then. This is college football, no do-overs!

USC shouldn't be able to slip in the back door like some last minute slime-bucket sneaking into the prom and getting made King. Just sit this one out, Hollywood. Thankfully, they did everyone a favor a dropped duke againce UCLA. Even the PAC-10 has those conference rivalries that come back to haunt you.

I'm not a Notre Dame fan, but I was hoping that somehow the Golden Domers would work their way into the title game. The stage would be set. Everyone in the country would get a little bit of what they want. ND fans would get a lottery ticket one punch KO dream of a chance. The rest of the country, who seem to loathe ND more than any other college team, could watch them get pummeled. Unfortunately, ND couldn't take down USC, or Michigan, or much of anyone except the service academies to warrant even a heavily biased BCS selection.

So it's Florida, good old reliable, semi-pro Florida, the classy program in the state for a change. Pack your bags Gators, make sure to take advantage of the gift bags and the sweet food spread, after this it's to the NFL for all of you and you won't be posturing for your last game of the season anymore.

When they modify the system again, they should make sure to put in a clause about years like this, where the National Champion can be announced in November. Instead of going on and pretending that they matter, the Bowl games can just revert to what they were before, pageantry.

*yes, the Craig Ehlo reference is old and regional, but I just can't let go.

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