Monday, December 04, 2006

Paint Jack Black Done?

I liked Jack Black even before it was cool. He was hilarious playing bit parts like the record store reject in “Hi Fidelity”, a scene stealing, cool, geek, funny man. I loved the guy, but has the act ran a little bit too long. After suffering through a few too many of his latest comedies, I’m wondering when he is going to deliver. After this latest flop, “Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny”, might be out of fans in the movie development business too.

This last week, he’s done a PR blitz, from Letterman to “Saturday Night Live”, as a musical act, he did everything he could to keep his movie from going to the second run theatres in it’s third week. It wasn’t enough to keep him in the top ten this week. He is getting dusted by the likes of “Borat”.

Is he just too weird for the mainstream? Or does he take it too far, like I’m inclined to think. He reminds me of Robin Williams in that he is an incredibly funny person but possibly too frenetic to run free of rein. He is much better to let making the most of his small moments as a supporting character. Still, I thought he would come up with something so well envisioned that it would be one of those great comedy moments.Much like I have seen Borat described in reviews.

I didn’t even make it through “Shallow Hal”, and his preening rocker schtick was old already in “School of Rock.” I am going to wait until video, which could be before Christmas, for “Tenacious D” and “Nacho Libre” might not get a chance with me until it is on USA or TNT, which could also be before Christmas.

Jack, if you’re out there, I’m a big fan, but pull it together dude. I love the whole fact that you make it cool not to take care of ourselves or change clothes or shave and stuff like that, but to make it work, you have to be funny. I don’t think Gene Simmons would have done the power strum or stuck his tongue out as many times as you did on your SNL gig. Could you guys have least done one of your funny rock songs? The two “Puff the Magic Dragon” knock-offs didn’t do it for me.

I’ll be waiting eagerly to see what develops, but not at the box office line. Am I just too old to get it? If so, the entire United States agrees with me. On Letterman, Jack and his sidekick didn’t have any clips from the film aired, and made outright fun of how bad the movie was doing. First, they said it would come back and be a “cult” movie, which very well be where it makes it. There is a niche for movies that just don’t get through to anyone the first time around, and with cable channels, it is possible to exploit that niche. Really, how else do movies like “P.C.U”

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