Thursday, December 07, 2006

Happy Feet - 4 Shreks

Happy Feet starts out a little wobbly. I was afraid it was going to be just one long animated music video. Don't get me wrong, the music was good, Beach Boys, Elvis, Motown, I was mentally tapping my feet and smiling at the characterizations, but in the end, I need a little more. Luckily that came.

The beginning is centered around the Penguin Colony. In an homage to "March of the Penguins," they show the passing of the egg and the male Penguin staying for his time to protect and hatch the egg while the female leaves and most of the time there is some musical number going on. It's engaging and entertaining but not as funny as I like.

Then Mumbles begins his story. Mumbles is the main character, a penguin that does not have a heart song, that can't carry a tune with ice tongs, but he can dance. I have read articles talking about Mumbles being a gay stereotype and just don't see it. Somebody needs to take a break. Mumbles is funny,if a little annoying and btw, more than half the movie is about him trying to win a girl!

What helps make this movie, and if anything can be called racial stereotyping, is the other penguins that befriend Mumbles when he leaves his main colony. For want of a better description, the Mexican Penguins. They were hilarious, and made every scene a standout. Robin William's voice is officially on two characters, a voodoo penguin with a six-pack stuck around his head and a harem, and the leader of the mexican penguins, but you can hear him everywhere throughout the movie.

The movie went fast, and besides a strong ecological theme, it was very enjoyable. I like it and will own the video when it comes out. The soundtrack also kicks major butt, I can imagine I will own that too.

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