Sunday, April 22, 2007

Great Turtle Race - it's fun to be Green

I'm thinking of myself as a Green person today. I can blame it on the weather that has let me be outside most of the weekend, getting a garden ready, fence fixing, and landscaping, or just say flat out that I often at least try to be better to the environment. I guess I'm just lazy about it, but if it doesn't involve a lot of extra hassle or money, I will do what's best for the environment.

Online for promotion and fun is The Great Turtle Race, I first read about it on somebody else's feed, can't remember which one, sorry, but have gotten into it enough to be a permanently opened tab for the duration. Sure, it's just a little animated graphic, attached to a lot of literature about why Sea Turtles are endangered, but it's fun, and they're right, if a little tedious. Environmental protection and cleanup is a big snore, but watching this mock race across an ocean by a dozen sea turtles is oddly entertaining.

Someone slapped GPS monitors on these Sea Turtles, presumably while they were wintering in Costa Rica, and they are being followed, supposedly with ten minute updates at times, on the web by the world to promote their cause. You can even register and cheer one of them on, such as Stephanie Colburtle, the current leader.

There are a ton of links and information about the Turtle's plight on the web site, but I feel obligated to share at least this one

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