Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Parkour - French for OUCH!!

Parkour - French for OUCH!!

Watching Casino Royale and most of the Jackie Chan movies, I was familiar with what Parkour looked like, but I had no idea there was a name for it. Before reading an article in the New Yorker, by way of kottke.org, I just thought it was crazy-ass chase sequences and jumping.

Apparently, some french guy named David Belle decided to give a name for his jumping and climbing around on building. The name came from a friend of his,derived from the names for some obstacle courses,and he went on to give names to several maneuvers like climpbing up walls and jumping over railings. There is a very well done Wiki page with a glossary of terms, and if you just want to watch it, click on the videos in the side bar, below, or search Parkour in Youtube believe me, it is entrancing to watch, and I am so very glad I didn't have something like this to encourage my friends and I into doing more of this crazy shit than we actually figured out on our own.

Luckily, I stopped at riding my bike off of garage roofs, jumping off silos and tv antenna towers at the farm. This could have taken me to a whole new level.I guess I just didn't have the imagination for it.

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