Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Knight Rider - Back Until the End of the Writer Strike

I don't think they planned it that way, but the writer's strike was the only reason I watched the season premiere of "The Knight Rider," and the only reason I am here to scream into the electronic void, "WHY!!!!?????"

Really, I was around for the first run, in the demographic, and the odd collection of tribute blogs aside, this was bad television. David Hasselhoff was as cheesy as it gets, and Kit was the campy cool car book end to Herbie the Love Bug, but there was no reason to bring this story back.

Herbie got his own, bad, theatrical movie, but Kit just came back with a TV movie/pilot. I was assuming this was a pilot, but looking over web listings, it is billed as the Knight Rider Movie. I know I won't watch it anymore. One lap around this track was enough, clearly put to bed by Hasselhoff's cameo at the end. The car, now a Mustang, looked good. The show, on it's best merits, was an extended commercial.

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