Sunday, February 10, 2008

Summer Movies and the Mummy 3: Tomb of inconsistence

I recently found a Youtube video of Summer movies, by a guy that calls himself the Irate Gamer, who puts together quality work and offers a valid point of view. I don't agree with his list, but I respect it, and am happy to put a couple links to him if that can help at all. Of course I'm giving my own view as well, but overall, great job.
  1. Dragonballz - Who? What? That really bad anime toon? Well, if he says so, but I didn't even know about this movie and won't be going to see it, or rent it, and will probably change the channel in six months when it is on cycle for all the cable channels.
  2. Batman 2 - I'm excited about this too, it brings out the not so dormant dork in me and I will surely wade into a sea of children to watch this one at the theater. Heath Ledger as the Joker will be even more interesting now, as they say he was drained from playing the part.
  3. Indiana Jones 4- I may cut in front of you in line for this one, long time coming. One thing, he says that Louis Stephens is in it, what about Shia Lebouf?
  4. Mummy 3 - Is this really #3, I always thought that #2 passed off the baton to the Rock and went on to the Scorpion King. Hahaha, of course that movie made the old Jason and the Argonauts look realistic and well acted. At least they realized that Brendan Fraser and cast was driving the Mummy franchise, and are backtracking.
  5. Hancock - A comedy starring Will Smith as a superhero, that I have never heard of, but that's why I keep looking for stuff.
  6. Iron Man - Robert Downey as Tony Stark, it looks good, but could also just be a repository of Power Ranger Moments I hope I'm wrong.
  7. Hellboy 2 - I am looking forward to this too. I watched the movie, missing all of the comic books, and enjoyed it. Since then, I have watched the animated movies, which are okay, but this new movie should be fun. He reminds me of the old Ben Grimm, back when he just sid, "It's Clobberin' time!" all the time.
  8. The Hulk - I have many times tried to watch the first attempt at this storyline as a feature film. It's not terrible, but the graphics are just terrible, making me laugh and change the channel. According to the gamer, it is being completely redone, with Ed Norton as Rex? Banner. I'm hoping he meant Bruce, not that they have thrown another ccurve into the Hulk mythos(it should be Bruce Banner).
  9. Harold and Kumar 2
  10. X-Files 2 - I am also intrigued by this, and saddened that the once proud and aspiring stars, Duchovny and Anderson, have had to slog back to doing this.

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