Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Run Around My Blogs

Today, as a writing exercise, I opened up all of my little blogs, discarded at various addresses throughout the internet, and wrote a post on each. It was a nice exercise, mostly successful, except that I cannot figure out a single thing to say about the Chicago Bears today. I'm all footballed out, and the better for it. Here's what I came up with:
  • Writing Blog - Where I begin to explore why I quit writing and why I have always had to write in some form, as well as review some writing and blogging blogs:
  • Cubs Obsession - Brief Rant about the Cubs new owner, how he is a real-estate baron trying to put one over on the state and city and Cubs fans.
  • Health Obsession - Brief rant about how fast the year has gone and then two reviews of new fitness sites I have found, sweat365 and MapMyWalk, comparing them to fitday unfavorably.
None of these posts today will get dugg, or even read, but they got my feet wet. Maybe this is why so many blogs have speedlinking posts or constantly re-run down their content. Any of you backlinking to me because I mentioned you, Hi there, and thanks.

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