Saturday, February 23, 2008

Online Poker Ranking Sites

As I've written before, I like to play online poker. I'm not militant about it, but apparently I have played over 250 games in total, which would be the last two years or so. How do I know that, exactly? Well, I don't write it down, and I haven't found a place on th actual site, PokerStars, where I play, it's on at least two different web sites which rank everyone.

My ranking? I'm right in the middle, 48-49%, which I can live with. It's a leisure for me. I am also, almost exactly breaking even. None of this surprises me. My poker games seem to follow luck and my attention span, either of which can come and go. I found these two web sites at a poker table, the player was kind of ranting into the chat, asking if anybody ever won, and asking why they play if they didn't. I chimed in and said that I had won, hoping to shut him up. I hate chat room clutter aside from the faux congratulations on good hands and such.

He answered me, telling me I had won a total of $3 in 251 games. Then told another player his stats as well. Wow, I wasn't sure, but that sounded right. So I bugged the guy until he told me where he got the stats, it took me accusing him of being a liar and a good guesser, but he gave up a site, Sharkscope, and then another Official Poker Rankings. I checked them out and was promptly so distracted that I blew myself out of that game.

I'm stupified and a little worried. First, by seeing all the games I have played. It will probably make me cut down. Second, I wonder how easy it is to get to any other information about me. Third, I wonder how many people know this and use it in games to see if other players are good or not.

It helped me, when I saw a player that had been on a table with me before as the big stack, and playing very well, I looked him up. Turned out he hadn't been playing long and had lost a lot of money in that time. So I quit taking his bluffs seriously and bam, he was out.

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Aks said...

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